MDT 2010 – Error ‘Invalid credentials: The network path was not found’ when trying to deploy an image to a device using PXE boot

I have had this issue out of the blue. MDT had been working flawlessly for around 2 years and then recently I kept getting to a point in a deployment when it would go no further.

When you are prompted for user, password and domain details so that the \\deploymentshare could be accessed I would either receive the errors:

Invalid credentials: The network path was not found


A Connection to the deployment share (\\computername\share\) could not be made. The
deployment will not proceed.

After a search on the Internet someone suggested changing the server name in the
bootstrap.ini from the ser ver name to include the FQDN i.e. \\mdt server\deploymentshare$ -> \\\deploymentshare$

This made no difference and I was beginning to think that this was a networking issue or port block issue of some kind.

Instead of using the FQDN I changed this to the IP address of the server i.e. \\\\deploymentshare$

After updating the deployment share and then replacing the boot image used by WDS this resolved the problem.

I can only assume that there is some kind of authentication issue within Windows perhaps as a result of a Windows update

18 thoughts on “MDT 2010 – Error ‘Invalid credentials: The network path was not found’ when trying to deploy an image to a device using PXE boot

  1. Thank you so much. I have been banging my head against the wall for a while trying to image some machines at our office and failing to be able to complete them until I found this page. Now it works.

  2. Also what worked for me was disabling ipv6 on the MDT server.
    When I exited out of the login window at the command prompt I decided to ping the server to make sure it could access it. The server was replying in ipv6. After disabling ipv6 on the LAN connection it worked fine.

  3. I too had this problem, and when I typed in the IP address instead of the shortname it worked… anyone ever figure out WHY the shortname doesn’t work all of a sudden (I’m in MDT2012)

  4. i am facing same error when i ran wins server its working fine then its reolution issue the target computer can not resolve netbios name same best solution is above list to change server name to ip address but how to update boot image is it just regenerate

  5. Change bootstrap.ini file to read only

    DeployRoot=(remove anything here)


  6. I deleted a the DepolyShare cause I had issues. used DeployShare1$ and its still looking for DeployShare$. I changed it to DeployShare1$ is the bootstrap but no go. Had create a share named Deployshare$ even though I changed it.

  7. If I could +1 the reply from “maybethisllhelp,” I would.

    But my MDT server was working completely fine up until today and while I was troubleshooting, I did a ping to my server and noticed that it was replying in IPv6 as well. Disabling the IPv6 and rebuilding my boot images worked.

  8. I just wanted to say that our dhcp scope was handing out a different domain name than what the MDT Server was on. I changed the scope options to resolve.

  9. This issue has to do with DNS suffixes. When a computer is a member of the domain it receives this DNS suffix. Since the computer is not a member of the domain it will only ping the FQDN.

  10. Since I can’t boot through network, I’m booting through a CD with WinPE. I have found that a was inserting a subnet mask different from the WDS Server. After correcting it, the deployment advanced to the next steps.

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