MDT 2010 – Error ‘Invalid credentials: The network path was not found’ when trying to deploy an image to a device using PXE boot

I have had this issue out of the blue. MDT had been working flawlessly for around 2 years and then recently I kept getting to a point in a deployment when it would go no further.

When you are prompted for user, password and domain details so that the \\deploymentshare could be accessed I would either receive the errors:

Invalid credentials: The network path was not found


A Connection to the deployment share (\\computername\share\) could not be made. The
deployment will not proceed.

After a search on the Internet someone suggested changing the server name in the
bootstrap.ini from the ser ver name to include the FQDN i.e. \\mdt server\deploymentshare$ -> \\\deploymentshare$

This made no difference and I was beginning to think that this was a networking issue or port block issue of some kind.

Instead of using the FQDN I changed this to the IP address of the server i.e. \\\\deploymentshare$

After updating the deployment share and then replacing the boot image used by WDS this resolved the problem.

I can only assume that there is some kind of authentication issue within Windows perhaps as a result of a Windows update