Access 97 cannot create c:\windows\system32\system.mdw file

Before Access 97 finishes installing it complains that it cannot create c:\windows\system32\system.mdw and to open the Workgroup Administrator to create a system.mdw file.

When I tried to create a system.mdw file it failed with the error ‘An error
has occurred at changing workgroup database.’

I was never able to create a new system.mdw file. Instead I copied one from another PC and used that. However, when I opened Access 97 I then started to get an ‘Out of Memory’ error.

After some reading I found that the ‘Out of Memory’ error was caused when a device had more than 1GB RAM and was running the Microsoft Jet Database Engine version 3.0 and 3.5. Microsoft released Microsoft Jet Database Engine version 3.51 which is available here:

Ensure that you have Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 2 (SR-2) installed before installing the latest version of the Jet Database Engine