How to set data fields on your Garmin Forerunner 305

Having reset my Forerunner 305 to factory defaults, I now need to apply all the settings that I previously had!

To change the fields on your display:
Press Mode > Settings > General > Data Fields
Main 1 > Select how many fields that you want to display. The default is 3, Time, Pace and Distance
I want 4 fields. Clicking ‘Enter’ button in each field allows you to select the type of data to display. Using the arrow buttons allows you to go to the next/previous field and the Mode button takes you back a step.
I want Time and Distance on the top 2 fields and Current Lap pace (Pace – Lap) and overall pace (Pace – Average) in the bottom 2 fields. Press Mode to come all the way back out.

There is more information here: