How to monitor Netware servers using the check_nwstat command in GroundWork Community Edition and Nagios


Netware servers need to be running the MRTGEXT.NLM module

The latest Nagios plugins required to be installed in the plugin directory

Creating the specific check command

In Groundwork from the toolbar Select Configurations > Commands and then New

Select USER1 as the resource macro that points at the plugin directory at /usr/local/groundwork/nagios/libexec

In the Plugin: drop down menu select check_nwstat

Click Next


As I was initially wanting to check the free disk space on volumes I created a command that would check this.

In command name I typed NWVolume_PercentFree

In Type: select check

For the command line I used the check_nwstat command with the VPF (Volume Percentage FREE) syntax:

$USER1$/check_nwstat -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -v VPF$ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$


Click Add then Continue

We have now created the command that will check percentage free disk space. We now need to create services that will use the command with specific variables set for ARG1, ARG2 and ARG3.

Creating the specific service check

Select Configuration > Services and New Service

I created a SysSpaceFree service using the generic-service


Click Add then select the Service Check tab

In the Check command drop down menu select NWVolume_Percent Free

In the Command line: field we need to substitute values for ARG1, ARG2 and ARG3:

For ARG1 substitute the name of the volume to be checked so in this case SYS

For ARG2 substitute the WARNING value. I have selected 25 which means that Nagios will create a Service warning when the disk percentage free drops to 25% free

For ARG2 substitute the CRITICAL value. I have selected 10 which means that Nagios will create a Service critical warning when the disk percentage free drops to 10% free

My amended command line looks like this:


You can test by adding in a Netware server that is running the MRTGEXT.NLM into the Test: Host: field


Click Save

Commit the changes by selecting Configuration > Control > Commit and then Commit

Applying the service to the host

Apply in the normal way – Configuration > Hosts. Locate your host and selectDetail then the Services tab.

Select the service and select Add Services

Follow the commit process to make the service check of the host possible

Creating further NetWare service checks

In this instance we created a service that will check the percentage free on SYS. This service can therefore be applied to any NetWare server that has a SYS volume.

To create another volume service check simply clone the service that you created, rename it and change the ARG1 variable to a different volume name.

To create different Netware service checks create a new command using the check_nwstat plug-in but with different variables.

A list can be found here:


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