How to rename a SQL 7.0 Server

To create a test server of an old legacy Windows 2000 Server that was hosting SQL Server 7 we took a virtual copy and renamed the server within Windows.

After a reboot and you try to start the SQL Server service you receive the daunting error:

Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or had been tampered with (unknown package id) Please rerun setup.

The error is generated after a change to the Windows server name and as SQL Server detects a different name which it uses internally it throws up the error.

To resolve is a 2 step process.

1. Run SQL Server 7.0 setup from the original CD and select Install SQL Server 7.0 Components. Select the relevant Database Server Edition for example Database Server – Standard Edition then select your install method for example Local Install.

It asks if you wish to Upgrade. Apparently selecting this option merely updates the registry settings with the new server name

When it has finished restart the server.

2. Once the server has restarted open Query Analyzer and run the following query substituting the server names and including the quotes:

sp_dropserver ’old server name’

sp_addserver ’new server name’, ’local’

Open Enterprise Manager and remove the old server registration. Add a new server registration for the new server name.


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