How to delete a service from the services in Windows

I had to remove software without an installer and had to manually delete the software directory which left a number of services still visible in service manager.

There are two ways to delete a service – either from the command line or directly through the registry.

From the command line

· Use the SC (Service Control) command at a command prompt.

sc delete <servicename>

For example:

sc delete themes

would delete the themes service.

If the service name consists of more than one word or includes a space then enclose it with speech marks

sc delete “themes viewer”

You should get the message:

[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS

From the registry

· Use a registry editor such as regedit

· Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’SYSTEM’CurrentControlSet’Services

· Scroll down the left hand pane and locate the service name

· Right click the service and select Delete


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