How to install the NRPE service (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) on a Windows host

Install NRPE

Download the latest version of NRPE_NT currently from

Extract the files to a permanent directory and open a command prompt

Change directory to the nrpe_nt’bin directory and to install the service type

Nrpe_nt.exe -i

You should receive a message that the service was successfully installed


Configuring NRPE

  • In the ’nrpe_nt’bin’ directory is the file nrpe.cfg. Open the file and edit the following fields

server_address = IP address of your current host running NRPE

allowed_hosts = IP address of your GroundWork Monitor/Nagios server

dont_blame_nrpe = Ensure that this set to ‘1’

  • Unzip the folder and extract the contents to C:’nrpe_nt’Plugins’V2. You may need to create the Plugins and V2 folders
  • The nrpe.cfg file in the ’nrpe_nt’bin’ directory requires further editing in order to include definitions from an external file.

In the # INCLUDE CONFIG FILE section add the line ensuring that the path is correct:


Starting NRPE

To start and configure the service either go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and Services or at a command prompt type

Net start nrpe_nt

The service should now have started. By default, after installing the service it is set to start ‘Automatic’

Configuring Nagios

In GroundWork CE go to Configuration then select Control and finally select the Nagios resource macros option.

Scroll down and select the User21 entry. At the top of the screen you will see the USER21 value and Description fields.

For USER21 enter the NRPE server IP address and for the description enter something along the lines of Windows NRPE Proxy Server.

Click the Update button and select Commit followed by Commit.

Testing NRPE

Now you just need to configure Services within the Configuration section of GroundWork. I created new services for my infrastructure by using the built in Check commands ie) check_wmi_cpu

From here you can also test each service against your monitored servers


One thought on “How to install the NRPE service (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) on a Windows host

  1. Hi,
    I just started to use Groundwork application and I can’t make the connection between windows and unix. I followed your steps but it keeps returning “Socket timeout”.

    I would like to know what were the parameters in the service that you created and how can I get the NRPE server IP address.

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