Intermittent DNS issues with web browsing and Windows 7

Had a strange issue with web sites not loading intermittently. For example, using Chrome I would get the error:

Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): The server could not be found

When a browser was loading a page it would say ‘Resolving host’ for ages and either return a blank page or ‘Website not available’

It wasn’t browser specific nor profile specific..I ruled out the router as had a Windows XP PC that was connecting at the same time without any issue or delay.

Assumed it was the networking within Windows 7 but did all the basics: checked Firewall, AV, ran netsh reset commands but to no avail. Even hard coded my ISP’s DNS servers into my physical NIC rather than straight from my router. Made no difference.

Finally found that if I hard coded the OpenDNS dns server entries to my NIC it worked! They are and

The problem must have been linked to my ISP’s DNS servers’ not resolving for Windows 7 clients.


6 thoughts on “Intermittent DNS issues with web browsing and Windows 7

  1. Can you assist me in correcting the same issue on my computer? I’ve scanned and have no viruses, am protected by Norton 360, etc. I keep getting intermittent drops in my internet connectivity (5 min or so) and then everything returns to normal. The only thing out of place is Norton history shows a drop of Teredo Tunneling, but that doesn’t always coincide with the outage. It is not limited to MS Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. All my router lights and cable modem lights indicate a good connection. If you can help walk me through, it would remove constant frustration for me. Thanks!

    • Hi Matt,
      Not a particular fan of Norton and prefer the free alternatives out there like AVG etc.
      Your issue is either:
      1. DNS related – Did you use the Open DNS IP addresses on the network adapter that connects to the router?
      2. Are you physically wired or wireless? If wireless it could be a faulty wireless adapter – if wired it could be a faulty adapter, ethernet cable..
      3. Have you tried disabling Norton for a short test period to see whether it is Norton that may be causing the issue?

  2. I have the same problem and have been using Google’s DNS settings locally for a long time. It’s intermittent and always works after you get a timeout, then hit F5, page loads. Using the internet like that is very frustrating though!

    It’s annoying having to locally set DNS constantly though, if you take your work laptop back into the office it doesn’t work very well with Google’s DNS hard coded in there! Or if you don’t have admin rights on your work machine you’re screwed anyway!

    It would be interesting to see if this problem is wide-spread and what the hell is causing it…

  3. I actually have to same errors too 305 and 105. happened really suddenly too. It was like nothing was wrong and everything was fine and then suddenly the internet got cut off without any warning. tried everything, including resetting the router. it might be the main connection though and that i have no control over. i have done the due diligence on my end: hadr coding OpenDNS taking down fire walls and even restoring the system to before. now every time i want to connect i have to run ipconfig /renew which is frustrating. i don’t really noe what to do. when it connects, i can actually watched streamed videos. the problem now is connecting.

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