How to create a policy for a specific Kaspersky product in Kaspersky Administration Kit

If you have recently created a new deployment in the Remote Install container, for example Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 then you may want to create a custom policy that is applied to all clients that have the Network Agent installed and are running the specific version of AV.

To create a policy right click the ‘Policies’ container which you use to store your policies. The location depends on the level at which you are enforcing them and how you create and maintain your groups.


Click ‘Next’ at the New Policy Wizard


Create a policy name and ‘Next’


Select the Application Name that the policy will be applied to from the drop down selection


Decide whether you want it to be immediately active or inactive so that you can make changes first before activating


Amend any settings necessary with the Real Time protection, On-demand scan, update sources and click ‘Next’




Click ‘Finish’ to complete the wizard


To check the settings of your new policy, right click on it and select ‘Properties’


Settings that I like to amend are the length of time to keep reports in the ‘Reports’ tab and the level of space allowed for backup and quarantine.

Each time a change is made to an active policy it is then enforced on all the relevant clients


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