When you try to save a drawing in Visio 2003 you receive the error ‘An error (113) occurred during the action Save. Close the file because it may be corrupt.’

This happened on a client workstation that could save without issue to his local drive but not to any of the network drives.

The explanation from Microsoft is that these errors are caused ‘when a user’s network permissions are incompatible with the permissions that Visio needs in order to save files.’

As I wasn’t able to replicate this problem elsewhere I was not quite sure what actual permission Visio requires.


I found a retired Microsoft KB article that related to a similar problem with Visio 2000.

To resolve this issue in Visio 2000 and 2003

· Open Visio 2003 and go to Tools then click Options and click the Advanced tab.

Check the ‘Put all settings in the Windows registry’ box and click OK.


The Microsoft help function states that enabling this option

‘Adds all possible application settings into the Windows registry. By default, only certain settings are added (nondefault settings and very few others, such as file paths, import and export filters, and last files) to keep the registry settings simple.’

· Open up the registry (Start>Run> Regedit) and click OK

Locate the following registry key:


· In the right hand pane double click NetFlags and change its value from 0 to 3. Click ‘OK’ and exit the Registry Editor

For Visio 2000 the registry key is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER’Software’Visio’Visio 2000’Application


· Open Visio and try to amend or create a drawing and save it to a network drive to see if the problem is resolved.


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