How to check whether an email has been read by the recipient in a GroupWise client

By default the GroupWise client doesn’t track any information about whether a sent mail has been read by the list of recipients on a local GroupWise Post Office.

To check if sent item tracking is configured in your GroupWise client, right click on a mail in your Sent Items folder then click ‘Properties’ and select the ‘Properties’ tab. In the ‘Recipients’ field there is an ‘Action’ column which shows the status of the email. Generally, if no tracking is enabled then the action column will always just show a ‘Delivered’ status.

This is also the default status for unread emails so it may be worth checking a sent email that has been responded to.


To check whether the sent mail tracking is enabled, in your GroupWise client select Tools from the menu bar then Options and Send


Select the ‘Mail’ tab. By default, just the ‘Delivered’ tracking option is enabled. Change this to ‘All information’ and click ‘OK’


For all mails sent since you have made the tracking change you should now see a ‘Read’ action on your sent mail in the ‘Action’ column when you view the sent mails’ properties



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