How to expand or shrink a system disk for a VMware virtual machine running a Microsoft OS hosted by a VMware Server

This process is only available to Microsoft OS virtual machines. I am still looking at a way of expanding a system disk on a Linux virtual machine.

Install the VMware Converter Standalone Client which can be downloaded from here

You may need to register with VMware to download it but it is a free download.

Once installed double click the Converter Standalone Client icon


Select ‘Convert Machine’


Select the ‘Source Type’ from the drop down menu. In this case it is ‘VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine’

Next, browse to the location of the virtual machine file and click ‘Next’


Select the VMware product. In this case it is VMware Server 1.x

Enter the Virtual machine details and finally choose a location for the ‘converted’ virtual machine


At the View/Edit Options screen click the ‘Edit’ link next to the ‘Data to copy’ selection


In the ‘Data copy type’ select ‘Select volumes to copy’

NB: This particular option is not available on Linux images which prevents them from being expanded.


You have the option to maintain, minimise and select a custom size higer than the minimum size.


I have selected to increase size from 8 to 10GB


Click ‘Next’ and select ‘Finish’ at the ‘Ready to Complete’ screen


The task now runs and its status can be followed through the Converter main window


Once the converted image has been created test the image and ensure that it works as normal before deleting the original image.


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