How to install or replace a license key in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.7 for Novell Netware

If your license key is expiring and you need to replace it or you just need to register a license key after a fresh install of Kaspersky then there are two methods.

You can register the key using the ConsoleOne Kaspersky Anti-Virus snap-in or you can create a local or group task in the Admin Kit that will deploy the license after an existing license expires.

I personally prefer the ConsoleOne method as I know it works really well.

Using ConsoleOne

Open ConsoleOne and select the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5 snap-in.

Navigate through your NDS tree until you find the correct server.

Right click on the server and select ‘Properties’

In the ‘General’ tab select the ‘Register license key’ button


Select ‘Add key’ and browse to the location of your license key. Select the key and click ‘Apply’


If you have a key that is about to expire you can also delete it here after you have added your new key. In theory I think that you could also leave the new key as a second key which would automatically take over if the first key expired.

Finally stop and restart Kaspersky on the Netware server. To do this connect to the console and at the system console type unload klabav and once it has stopped type load klabav

The new license key should be evident in the ‘serial no’ field in the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Module screen on the Netware server console

Using Admin Kit

If you are familiar with Admin Kit then the task is a simple one.

Create a group task within your Netware Group or within whatever group your Netware servers reside.


Select ‘Next’ at the ‘New Task Wizard’ prompt


Name the task and click ‘Next’


Select ‘Kaspersky Anti-virus 5.7 for Novell Netware’ and ‘License key installation’ from task type


Select the ‘Browse’ button and locate your license key. Click ‘Next’


Schedule the task to run ‘Manually’ and click ‘Next’


Finally, click ‘Finish’

This new Group Task should now be visible to all the Netware servers.

Open the Properties page of a server and select the ‘Tasks’ tab. You will see the task listed. To run it simply right click it and select ‘Start’



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