How to remove the ePolicy Orchestrator ePO agent

The ePO agent is present on your system when there is a small ‘blue shield’  located on your Windows taskbar. This generally accompanies  McAfee AV software and is agent software that is responsible for communicating back to a central ePolicy Orchestrator server. The ePO server centrally manages McAfee software modules that are installed on remote clients and can be used to schedule deployments and updates.

If you have removed your McAfee software you may still find that you have the ePO agent installed as there is no separate object in the Add/Remove programs applet and it is not removed as part of a McAfee anti-virus uninstall process.

To uninstall you will need to locate the ‘frminst.exe’ file.

The file is usually located in the \Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework or \Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework folders. If it is not located there run a search to look for the file.

If you cannot locate the file one tip would be to locate the frminst.exe file on another PC that you know to still have McAfee anti-virus installed. Then copy the whole \Common Framework directory from there and drop it into the relevant directory on your PC

Once the file has been located open a command prompt and change the directory depending upon the location of the frminst.exe file

Type the following syntax frminst /remove=agent and press Enter

Agent uninstall syntax

This should bring up the McAfee Agent and Updater Setup screen.


During this process the ePO agents icon on the Windows taskbar should dissapear and once the Updater program has finished you can click ‘Ok’

I have experienced problems when the Updater has gotten stuck during the remove=agent process and where it has ran and not removed the agent. This being the case there is another syntax option to use frminst /forceuninstall which to date has always removed the ePO agent when I have experienced problems with the standard removal process

Force uninstall syntax


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