Cannot manage a remote Kaspersky client using remote access tools such as VNC and PcAnywhere

When you install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations or the Server equivalent you may not be able to make modifications to settings or close Kaspersky windows when you are connected to a PC via a remote control tool. If you are physically sat at the console there are no issues.

This is caused by a feature that is enabled by default after installation. The self protection setting allows you only to open the Kaspersky Anti-Virus window and even then it prevents you from closing the window. The only way to close the window is to log off  and back on again.

Depending on how Kaspersky is deployed there are two different ways to resolve this; either by the Admin Kit and subsequently applying a policy or by manually installing over a remote connection. Both options are explored below.

Kasperksy AV client is deployed via the Kaspersky Admin Kit from a central server using a policy

If deploying using the Admin Kit with a pre-defined policy then ensure that the ‘Enable Self-Defense’ option is unchecked. This is useful when providing support to remote clients on an already secure network

KAV policy service settings

The policy takes a little time to be deployed after an installation so you may still experience remote access issues until the policy is applied. To check whether the policy has been applied double click the policy in Kaspersky Administration Kit and select the ‘Enforcment’ tab. Click on the ‘Details’ button and look tfor the computer name, status and the timestamp

Policy enforcement

Kasperksy AV client is deployed as a manual installation over a remote connection

When Kaspersky is installed using a remote connection a couple of settings need to be changed during the actual installation to ensure that the Kaspersky anti-virus client can be remotely managed after the installation.

Run the setup.exe file and accept the default settings until you get to the ‘Ready to install’ screen. Here deselect the ‘Enable Self-Defense before installation’ option before clicking the ‘Install’ button.

Disabling Self-Defense before installation

At the screen after the installation has completed DO NOT click the ‘Next’ button.

Installation complete

The enable self-defense option has already been set in the registry and after clicking ‘Next’, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus service is started which will prevent any manual intervention of  services or registry keys relating to the Kaspersky software.

At this point open the registry editor, Regedit, and change the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVP6\settings\def and set EnableSelfProtection to 0

Registry change

Once the registry key has been changed complete the installation and restart when prompted.


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