Maximum number of concurrent users has been reached in the network edition of Reference Manager


When you double click the Reference Manager icon you receive the following error

Reference Manager error


This seems to be caused when the concurrent user limit threshold is reached but the license management doesn’t release the licenses even after users have disconnected from the RM databases


You need to launch the ‘Concurrent Metering Utility’ via a workstation/PC and then click the ‘Clear’ button.

The utility netcount.exe runs directly from the installation directory on the server itself. To access netcount.exe you need to have the relevant permissions to use and to create a shortcut to the file.

Locate the Netcount.exe file and create a shortcut on your desktop to it. Right click the desktop shortcut and select ‘Properties’

Netcount shortcut

Next you need to add the syntax  /ADMINMODE (Application version).EXE to the end of the target

The application version is the filename of the program executable (either RM12n.exe, RM11.EXE, WINRM10N.EXE or WINRM9N.exe depending which version you have)

In our example we use RM11 so the syntax is “G:\Reference Manager\Program\NetCount.exe” /ADMINMODE RM11.EXE

G:\ is the network installation directory

Shortcut syntax

Click OK and double click the NetCount.exe shortcut

Click the ‘Clear’ button to remove database connections

Clear users

The users currently accessing number should return to zero

Users cleared

Click OK and retry opening Reference Manager


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