Automatic name completion does not occur in the GroupWise mail client

When you type a name into the To: field of an email message the auto complete feature does not work.

When you open the address book in the GroupWise client there are no GroupWise address books.

If you choose Name Completion Search Order under the ‘File’ menu in the Address Book window you see the following message:
“The Novell System Address Book is not available from your Windows Messaging System (WMS) profile.”

Microsoft Office and/or Outlook are also installed and used.


Microsoft Office 2003 or just a single component of the Office suite installs a version of WMS (Windows Messaging) that is incompatible with the GroupWise mail client. When the GroupWise client is installed it notices that WMS is already installed and doesn’t install its own version.

The sequence of installing Microsoft Office and then the GroupWise client causes this particular issue.


The solution is to uninstall the GroupWise mail client, Microsoft Office and then finally WMS as uninstalling Microsoft Office does not automatically remove WMS.

As for uninstalling WMS it is in the Add/Remove Programs listing as Windows NT Messaging.

Reboot the PC and then install the GroupWise client before installing Microsoft Office.


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